Williams Shipping celebrated the National Apprenticeship Week 2024 at The Isle of Wight

Last week, our marine team had the privilege of participating in National Apprenticeship Week at Isle of Wight College. It was an opportunity to not only celebrate the achievements of our apprentices but also to showcase the invaluable contributions they bring to our company. The highlight of our week was the networking event held in […]

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Charity round up for 2023

It’s been another busy year at Williams Shipping and our staff have got involved in lots of charity work this year. We’ve supported 2 headline charities in 2023: The directors chose Saints Foundation, supporting people in need throughout Southampton. The Saints Foundation deliver numerous projects from exercise and social activities, to support with finding work […]

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Uses and applications of distilled water on vessels

Distilled water is used on vessels for various purposes due to its purity and lack of minerals and impurities. In maritime operations, every component plays a part, and distilled water emerges as a silent but powerful player. Its versatility from engine maintenance to laboratory precision showcases its importance on vessels of all sizes. Battery Brilliance […]

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marine lubricants

The rise of environmentally acceptable Marine Lubricants

In our quest for technological advancement and industrial growth, we often overlook the environmental repercussions of our actions. One of the significant contributors to environmental pollution is conventional marine lubricants, which can harm ecosystems and aquatic life. However, a promising solution has emerged in the form of Environmentally Acceptable Lubricants (EALs). In this post, we […]

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delivering-dump truck

Best practices in abnormal loads transportation

  Managing abnormal loads presents a unique set of challenges and opportunities. These exceptional shipments, whether oversized, overweight, or of an unusual shape, require meticulous planning, expertise, and attention to detail. Navigating the complexities of abnormal loads demands innovative solutions and adherence to best practices to ensure safe and efficient transportation. In this blog, we […]

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  • I just wanted to say thank you – it was a very challenging site to work at and make delivery to. Your drivers showed courtesy, patience and professionalism throughout the day

    Philip Kingston,
    Kingston Building Solutions

  • Thank you for your assistance, it was very much appreciated and a special thank you to Bob who did a fantastic job.

    Jenny Wilkinson,
    Interserve Defence Ltd

  • We are very happy with the service provided by your company, especially the driver and we will be using your company for any future work.

    Bob Sarkar,
    National Gritting Service

  • I would like to personally thank you, as a company, and every one of your drivers for their professional approach to the deliveries to our site, all of your drivers have been absolutely fantastic.

    Andy Jenner,
    EP Renewable Energies Limited

  • On Behalf of the Environment Agency and the Residents of Romsey and Winchester, I would like to convey our warmest gratitude for the support you provided during recent flooding. Without you we would not have been able to respond as quickly or effectively as we did.

    James A Humphrys,
    Environment Agency

  • We would like to thank yourself and your team at Williams Shipping for all your help last week, your team were great at getting us around and in position where and when we needed to be in spite of some rotten weather.

    Cliff Stonestreet,
    Fully Fused Fireworks Worldwide Event Management

  • Thank you very much for your assistance and I have to say the two crew members on the vessel could not have been more helpful.

    Steve Beck,
    Burgess Marine

  • May I take this opportunity to thank you for an excellent service, could you also please pass on my thanks to all of your skippers who have helped us over the past few weeks.

    Gwyn Goforth,
    Svitzer UK