Construction Solutions

We have supported the construction and civil engineering industries for generations. We have supported small construction projects through to some of the largest infrastructure projects in Europe.

Our fleet of vessels, barges, and our specialist transport fleet, have been very suitable for the logistics of some of the most awkward moves/items.

To compliment this, our Willbox cabin and container division is focused on the construction industry with onsite storage and accommodation available at short notice and with flexible terms.

Marine Services

Our marine division frequently supports construction and civil engineering projects. We are able to offer a range of services including, but not limited to:

  • Mobilisation of charterers’ equipment to our barges
  • Mobilisation of crane barges
  • Towage
  • Provision of crewed workboats on site
  • Providing support to marine infrastructures such as jetties, pipelines and tunnels

Learn more about our marine services.

Logistics Services

We operate a fleet of flat bed and semi low loader trailers as well as extendable trailers. We regularly move both standard and oversized items into construction sites and are very used to the high level of documentation and health & safety required on such sites.

Learn more about our logistics services.

Cabins & Containers

Our container hire & sales company Willbox frequently supplies the construction industry, providing a range of units which are highly appropriate for use on sites including ISO containers, site cabins, welfare units, portable chemical toilets, anti-vandal units and site accommodation.

Industry Solutions