Renewable Industry Solutions

We are passionate about supporting the renewables industry and our comprehensive services provide our customers in the renewables industry with the solutions that they need.

Renewables support services include:

  • Inter-coastal shallow draft workboats and barges
  • Offshore working platforms
  • Multicats for anchor handling for the large cable laying barges
  • Survey vessels carrying out CPT and vibrocores
  • Deployment and recovery of monitoring equipment prior to the construction phase
  • Installation of hubs for future tidal turbine projects

Marine Services & Vessel Charter

We have provided workboats and barges for off-shore wind farms and tidal projects. We also support jack up rigs and other large scale equipment on these projects. We also support cable laying projects. Learn more about our marine services.

Road Transport

We have been heavily involved with a number of leading wind turbine suppliers with transportation of blades, nacelles, hubs, generators and towers. Our road transport team is highly skilled in dealing with regulations and specialist equipment for dealing with abnormal loads. Learn more about our transport services.


To compliment any renewable project, we also provide cabins and containers for site storage as well as open storage and warehousing at our various sites throughout the UK. Learn more about our storage services.

Cabins & Containers

We have worked with a number of smaller scale renewable projects, developing containerised systems such as anaerobic digesters. For a full list of services including container hire and sales, visit Willbox.

Industry Solutions