Defence Industry Solutions

For decades, we have been working with the UK’s leading defence companies. Our broad range of marine and logistics services enables us to provide a complete package, allowing our customers to deal with one professional organisation.

Services include:

  • Mobilisation of military vehicles and vessels
  • Bespoke control units and site accommodation
  • Logistical support for shipping
  • Provision of specialist equipment at testing facilities

Marine Services

Our services to the defence industry have been provided nationwide, including support to naval ships with barges and towage to quayside base for mobilising equipment, and the provision of platforms for military testing.

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Our logistics services can provide extensive support to the defence industry, including mobilisation of military boats, tanks, parts of naval ships, craneage, and mobilisation within military bases.

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Containers & Site Accommodation

Willbox, our container hire & sales company, provides units for housing spare parts for minesweeping equipment, and frequently provide bespoke container conversions for military testing.

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Marine Lubricants

We supply and distribute a full range of marine lubricants to the defence industry. Learn more about our marine lubricants for a comprehensive list of available products.

Industry Solutions