Oil & Gas Solutions

For over 40 years we have been heavily involved in the oil and gas industry, and our experienced team is able to provide a first-rate service while adhering to the highest levels of compliance.

Marine Services

In our home port of Southampton, we have supported Fawley Oil Refinery since its commission in 1971. We now provide marine services to all oil and gas infrastructure and for projects throughout the UK, including workboats and platforms for jetty repairs, loading arm craneage and marine transportation.

We also provide pipeline support and support to the oil and gas tankers.

Learn more about our marine services.

Logistics Services

Typical support includes, but is not limited to the following:

  • Working in refineries during shut down and overhauls
  • Moving oversize loads such as pressure vessels
  • Logistical support for on-shore drilling rigs

Learn more about our logistics services.


We operate open storage and warehousing which is well suited for all types of oil and gas equipment, including pipes, vessels, engineering equipment, and bulk goods on pallets or in stillages.

Learn more about our storage facilities.

Marine Lubricants

We supply and distribute a wide range of marine lubricants for all vessels working in the oil & gas sector. Learn more about our marine lubricants.

Cabins & Containers

We stock a huge range of cabins and containers and are very used to providing for the oil and gas industry. For a full list of our Willbox services, please see our Willbox website

Industry Solutions